Labour Welfare

In India, the working condition of labour at work place is not satisfactory. Workers are always in frustration and motivation level of workers is not good. As we know that man is by nature an organic system not a mechanical one.

Labour is an important factor of production which infuses life of worker. After industrialization labour force is treated very badly by their owner.  Because they were un-educated, poor and not aware about their right. In order to protect the interest of labour, the gvoernment has developing Labour Strategies.

There are two powerful elements of Labour welfare .

  1. Human Assets- The human assets is the main issue and reactant compel which implants life in different assets like cash and material. There have been breathtaking changes in the setting goal.
  2. Innovation- The procedure of globalization pushes in innovation, expanded rivaltry, work escalation, broadening of workforce, and expanded number of ladies in the workforce and the obscuring of limits amongst work and family are a portion of the progressions that have effected the workplace.

As people spend a significant proportion of their lives at work, changes in the work environment can have deep influence on their health and work-life balance. it also essential for employee growth and development, health safety and employee engagement can be key to achieve organization performance.

Labour welfare improves physical, mental and moral conditions of the worker. Labour welfare includes housing, medical, educational, restrooms, recreation, canteen, games and sports club facilities, adequate wages, reasonable working hours, insurance etc.

The need of Labour Welfare

By providing these facilities to the workers, efficiency increases considerably. These facili­ties create confidence in the worker; he feels happy and thus takes more interest in the work.

It also provides goodwill and the relation between worker and employer becomes good, which reduces indiscipline and helps to maintain industrial peace. When the worker has full facilities, he will be free from worries and will, therefore, work in the factory with full efforts and interest.

 In present days workers are very much worried due to their facilities like housing, inadequate wages and expensive education.

Importance of Labour Welfare

  1. It improves the moral and mental conditions of the workers by providing facilities like games, cultural activities and recreation etc.
  2. By providing facilities workers have more confidence in their employer, which leads to improving industrial peace.
  3. By providing all these facilities, workers feel happy and become enthusiastic. Thus worker starts taking much interest in his work, which leads to greater efficiency.
  4. Noise and vibrations caused by the machines, fumes and dust, hotness, too much wetness and lack of air ventilation are the main factors which affect the health of the worker seriously. Therefore periodical check-up and medical-facility help to maintain the health of the workers and save the worker from harmful effects. Thus when worker remains healthy, he will naturally work hard.

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